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Very Tall Black Woman Video

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April 26, 2013
Posted by in Tall Women Clips

A Giant Black Woman With a Short White Man

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  1. keith boykin

    she looks very manish…i’m just saying….

  2. MostEnigmatic

    she should wear her natural hair, just my opinion

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January 14, 2013
Posted by in Tall Women Videos


  1. nvr2tallluvr

    Yeah..I’d like to know tall is the black woman.The only part of the clip I liked was the height comparison part,since I don’t understand the language.

  2. busicomtrading

    Why is this little worm using her for a backrest?


    does anhyone have msn!!! msg me my msn live id is jane22fall v

  4. amazingeddie

    …or maybe the guy with the Mic is just really short…

  5. AvaNyebc

    Hot sexy ladies from Thailand for marry

  6. iumer666

    i think the black girl should have slapped him!

  7. slimjunks

    i dunno, but long legz r sexy…

  8. delavg

    how’s life for a giant black woman in nazi’s country

  9. teranwinborne33


  10. Dan Marino

    I’d hit it

  11. waynepitty

    The women are pretty Tall! Anyone know how tall is the Black woman?

  12. Darius Anderson

    shes only 5,8 you can tell by them 3-6 inch heels

  13. BrunetteBarbie21

    he is a little twat

  14. sexy1383

    she should step on his lil ass

  15. sweetappletits

    whose that hobbit in the suit?? the black woman is soo fit lol (no homo.)

  16. jewlander

    i’m feeling naughty at the moment B

  17. DiscountPotato

    Why is she wearing a plastic dress?

  18. DolceVita

    good question – he is being incredibly rude – one wonders if he is doing it deliberately… he probably has short man syndrome

  19. crazyshellbullet

    Not one word was said to the black woman. Why was she on the show?

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