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Brigitte Nielsen “She`s too tall”

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August 16, 2012
Posted by in Tall Women Videos

Brigitte Nielsen in” She´s too tall ” Auf dem Laufsteg ist die Hölle los”

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  1. Naatti96

    I’m a tall girl and my boyfriend is short. It doesn’t really bother me, cuz I love him either way, but I think it does for him. When it gets weird because of our height difference I can tell he gets uncomfortable and thinks that it’s wrong..
    Then there’s this girl at my school and she’s just as short as he is. I think he’d prefer her in front of me, even though he says he doesn’t like her that way. I do trust him, but sometimes I just can’t help suspect that there’s something going on..

  2. Naatti96

    HAHA, you’re leaving me with regret. I left a guy. that was taller than me and everything, to be with this new guy, that’s really short. And he tells me the same thing. He’s like you’re too tall, and everything.

  3. yergui87

    Mide aproximadamente 1.93 (metros) = 6”4 (pulgadas)

  4. superfreaky87

    ohhh girl i feel ya! im 5″10 and my bf is 5″6 he EVEN TOLD ME straight up that 5″5 would be the perfect height for a girl, and im like ummm so that means im bad? and he wishes i was taller, but then this new guy i know is 6″4 and he loves it :P so find yourself a huge guy its heaven!

  5. ChuckLoco

    Brigitte Nielsen from Conan “Red Sonja” she´s hot in 1982
    current height 184cm , another lady from Conan “the barbarian” Sandhal Bergman 178cm watch?v=lTErRPuAhDY

  6. dreday1062000

    Everyone is the same height in bed :)

  7. DarkEmperorRay13

    Aren’t you a gentlemen.

  8. Val3nt1n95

    Is she too tall or he is a dwarf ??? :D

  9. superfreaky87

    6″1 is HUGE for a female when you consider the average female in america is 5″4

  10. Naatti96

    haha i’ll do that! ima be rockin this thang!

  11. djrobovw1

    looking at him at about 44 seconds, it looks like one of the lads who played in GOONIES, am i rite or wrong, can some one say.

  12. superfreaky87

    ya i advice you to find a big guy! but all the short girls steal all the giants away form us! XD But this 6″4 guy i know he actually said he wished i was 6 foot cuz my legs would be sooo long, i was like woww lol, so it really depends on the guy im sure you hot :P do your thang!

  13. mai2383jn


  14. WhiskerScot569

    Still Tall for a Woman, Same Height as my Sister too. I think i’m a Bit too Tall for a Guy too (6’7.5” or 2.02m)

  15. Val3nt1n95

    Is she too tall or he is a dwarf ??? :D

  16. moyadapne

    But you’d end up with a crack on the head, or a box round the ears.

  17. tcmannen

    yes its corey feldman

  18. conangvuitinh193

    She like 6”4

  19. xgahxsk8

    It’s a Trap!

  20. AlphaAstraAqua

    Where can I watch this movie??? I LOVE BRIGITTE NIELSEN!!!!!

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