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Alison Tyler

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March 30, 2014
Posted by in Tall Women Clips

    she is one beautiful Ladie id let her spank me an throw me around an dominate me anytime she likes

  2. marvelgeek1970

    He was terrible!!

  3. TheAncientWritings

    md2aler, can you please do a video where she holds him on her lap & bounces him on her knees?

  4. CoolReallyIAm

    im alison tyler’s boyfriend

  5. CoolReallyIAm

    i do, fuckin’ faggot-ass bitch


    Lol she whoop that ass

  7. CoolReallyIAm

    fuck yeah, bitch

  8. Edzen Garcia

    u mad bro?

  9. returnofthedemon

    she’s 6 feet

  10. edwin simpson

    Would love to be the rug she walks on with those lovely spiked heels….. if there is an interest….Im in LA…..(:

  11. Edzen Garcia

    who cares?

  12. schitlipz

    What are here details (height, weight, prefs)?

  13. kit2ng219

    that girl is a giant

  14. liftcarry935

    she is amazing

  15. Shawdow Lugia

    she’s not tall shes just has really high heels

  16. Edzen Garcia


  17. Edzen Garcia


  18. harold castro

    is sexy

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